About SIA Railtimber

Old railroad Welcome to our website. We are one of the leading reclaimed sleeper manufacturers and suppliers in Latvia, and since 2008., when SIA Railtimber was founded, our main specialization, as one might deduct from our name, has always been dis-assembly of used and/or abandoned railways and further utilization and export of expedient material (sleepers)

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Reclaimed sleepers

Some packs of sleepers We have a great deal of experience with reclaimed railway sleepers, and we are always trying to provide the best possible sleepers to our customers. Practically all of our sleepers are soviet made (20+ years old), softwood and treated with creosote* (EU Directive 2001/90/EC regarding products treated with creosote. Click here to download a PDF copy). Usually we pack our sleepers in mixed grade packs, however, it is also possible to pack them in separate grade packs according to your needs.

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Other timber products

Ceder Not really interested in used sleepers? We can also offer some new timber products as well, like roofing battens, cedar pols and so on. However, due to economical situation, we don't produce anything else besides reclaimed sleepers on regular basis, so please send us an enquiry of what timber materials you are interested in, and we will try to work something out.

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