Low quality sleepers
(C grade sleepers, also know as firewood sleepers) Some packs of sleepers

Low quality sleepers that are sometimes refered to as firewood quality sleepers are sleepers, that contain rot, decay, some peces missing or other types of defects. Since we tend to work on quality, anything that is below A grade is considered for us C grade or bad, however, some of these sleepers might still be reused, resorted (usually, there are still around 5% of expediant timber left) or cut in to something else.

They are unpacked and can be delivered to you via ship. We have more than 100 000 of them available at the moment.

Prices for the C grade are much lower than for the A and A+ grade sleepers, so if you need realy cheep sleepers, and you think that you can do something with them, please, do not hesitate and contact us.

* For more information about creosote treated timber use and sale, please read the EU Directive 2001/90/EC. Click here to download a PDF copy.


Type: Used/reclaimed softwood railway sleeper
Quality: Grades C (firewood/seasleepers)
Will have rot/decay/physical defects
20+ years old; creosote treated
Dimensions: 25cm x 15cm x 275cm (+/-20mm)
Packaging: Unpacked (if you need them to be packed, the price for them will be higher)

Some stacks of low grade sleepers

Some stacks of low grade sleepers

To obtain a price quote, please contact us. We can deliver sleepers to anywhere within EU borders. For deliveries outside of EU, or if you wish to obtain sleepers in containers, the prices will be higher.

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