Reclaimed railway sleepers

We have a great deal of experience with reclaimed railway sleepers, and we are always trying to provide the best possible sleepers to our customers. Practically all of our sleepers are 20 + years old, softwood or hardwood and treated with creosote* (EU Directive 2001/90/EC regarding products treated with creosote). Usually we pack our sleepers in mixed grade packs, however, it is also possible to pack them in separate grade packs according to your needs. Our sleepers are 100% European product from Baltics.

* For more information about creosote timber use and sale, please read the EU Directive 2001/90/EC. 

reclaimed railway sleepers


Type:Used/reclaimed softwood railway sleeper
Quality:Grades A and B (1 and 2);
~20+ years old; creosote treated
Dimensions:25cm x 15cm x 275cm (+/-10mm)
Packaging:20 sleepers per pack (2cbm of timber per pack);

To obtain a price quote, please contact us. We can deliver sleepers to anywhere within EU borders.